whether you call iT soccer or football, we love this game. we think you and your child will, too.


Established in 2016, FORESEE FOOTBALL CLUB is a complete soccer academy for boys and girls 18 years and younger. Whether you want to introduce your pee wee to his/her first sport or help your established athlete get a college scholarship, we're here to help you succeed.


Our complete facility includes indoor and outdoor fields, cardio training equipment, and more than a dozen established International staff.  Our International league and tournament show that our system works.


Samson O. Bancorlay-Ola,An International Pro-player of Foresee Fc was signed by UMBRO Brand with a scholarship.  

* Samson held his team to defeat a lot of clubs including Barcelona Academy in the 2021 final of the MINA's Trophy in a 1:0 victory.

*  It was his best performance of the year and helped the Pro-side to qualify for the World Youth Tournament in April 2022.

Breaking News:- International Samson Bancorlay-Ola Signs Deal With UMBRO BRAND

6:00 am   -   8:00 am                4:30 pm   -   6:00 pm

Morning Training                      Evening Training                                

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Advanced Training

      U4 - U8


A former ex-Pro, he offers

real-world Pro-Advanced 

Training in daily practice.

Our Coaches in Togo & Ghana

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An All-Togolese at Agbodan, today he helps coaching the Foresee Togo boys with ideas of Advanced Training.

   Our Partners And Support 


 Pro-Advanced Training

         U9 - U18

Players NEWS

Pro International Player 

​Samson Bancorlay-ola

Monday          U17 - PRO                          U9 - U16

Tuesday         U17 - PRO                          U9 - U16

Wednesday    U17 (Match Day)  

Thursday        U17 - PRO (Attacking Mid / Defensive Positional)     U9 - U16

Friday             U17 - PRO (Football Fitness / Goalkeepers - Footwork & Handling

Saturday         U4 - U8 (Advanced Training)  U9, U17 - PRO (Match Day)

Sunday           U4 - U8 (Advanced Training)  U9 - U17 (Fitness & Futsal)